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How We Work

By choosing us, you gain peace of mind knowing we’ll handle every step of your car import journey, from finding your dream car to ensuring its safe arrival and hassle-free registration.

Finding Your Dream Car

Needs and Preferences

We start by understanding your exact needs and preferences to find your ideal car – desired specs, budget, and any specific features you crave.

Contract & Security

Before diving in, we’ll draw up a clear contract outlining your rights and responsibilities before proceeding

Complete Vehicle History Check

We’ll run thorough Carfax and Autocheck reports, giving you complete transparency into the car’s history.

Transparent Pricing & Secure Purchase

Cost estimate

After the history check, you’ll receive a detailed cost breakdown outlining all expenses involved

Unlimited Purchase Attempts

Find your car without pressure! You can try as many times as needed with no additional fees

Flexible deposit system

Before we proceed, we sign a contract. To secure your commitment and protect both parties, we’ll ask for a refundable deposit before we commit to purchasing the car. This deposit goes towards the final purchase price, but will be fully refunded if you decide not to proceed after the car is secured. Conversely, if we cannot secure the car for any reason, we’ll either refund your deposit or hold it for your next attempt, as agreed upon beforehand

Smooth Processing & Real-Time Control

Purchase Formalities

After the history check, you’ll receive a detailed cost breakdown outlining all expenses involved.

Regular Updates

We’ll keep you constantly updated on progress, and you can reach us anytime with questions.

Real-Time Tracking

Stay informed every step of the way! You can track the process in real-time and even join us “on the phone” at any time to control offers.

Efficient Payment & Delivery Options

Secure Payment

Within 48 hours of purchase, we’ll securely process the payment for the car and seller’s commission to the USA. We make a payment directly to the USA. We’ll guide you through every step of the money transfer process to ensure a smooth and transparent transaction.

Worldwide Delivery

Choose your preference! We can deliver your car to the nearest port in the USA for minimal inland transportation costs, or we can arrange delivery to your US address if needed. You’ll receive photos of the car at each stage – storage facility, container loading in the USA and arrival in Europe (or the USA, if applicable).

Continued Support & Post-Purchase Care

Customs Clearance Support

Depending on your destination country, we can assist with customs clearance or offer guidance for you to handle it yourself.

Accident Repair

If the car was previously involved in an accident, our trusted workshop will restore it to perfect condition before delivery.

Registration assistance

We can also help you navigate the state inspection and motor vehicle registration processes in the USA.

Real-Time Tracking

Once the car is shipped, you’ll receive a link to track its journey to Europe. If we purchase the car for the US market, we’ll deliver the car to the designated place.

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