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We offer comprehensive services to make your overseas vehicle purchase smooth and seamless

Expert vehicle selection consultancy

We help you find the perfect
car, motorcycle, or quad to match your needs and budget.

Secure purchases at insurance auctions

We navigate the unique world of auctions, securing great deals on all types of vehicles.

Domestic cargo within the USA and Canada

We handle all logistics, ensuring your vehicle gets from any auction to your doorstep hassle-free.

Sea freight and import expertise

We arrange international shipping, navigating customs paperwork and ensuring smooth delivery.

Customs clearance assistance

We take the headache out of import regulations, guiding you through the process step by-step.

Convenient delivery
of cars from Bremerhaven directly to your home

Enjoy the comfort of your vehicle arriving right at your doorstep.

Professional in-house auto repair

Our skilled technicians can address any pre-existing issues to get your vehicle road-ready.

Part sourcing, inspection, and registration support

We help you acquire any necessary parts and navigate US inspections, and registration requirements.

Use our easy-to-use cost calculator to see the potential savings on your dream car

We export a wide range of vehicles from North America

New, pre-owned, antique, and classic car

Discover a treasure trove of unique finds on wheels.

Rebuilt cars

Save big on your dream

Luxury vehicles

Indulge in high-performance and premium features.

Sports cars

Feel the thrill of the open road with exhilarating speed and handling.

Off-road vehicles

Conquer any terrain with. rugged capability and adventure-ready features.

Electric vehicles

Embrace the future of sustainable transportation with cutting-edge technology.

Let us be your trusted partner in bringing your automotive dreams to life.
Contact us today to discuss your options!

Beyond cars, we also export!


Explore the freedom and excitement of two-wheeled adventures.


Experience the versatility and fun of all-terrain riding.


Set sail on endless possibilities with your ideal watercraft.

Construction machinery

Invest in powerful equipment for your specific needs.

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